SURFing’s Lost Sections Dept: Austin Smith-Ford

Taylor Steele Innersection reality is that most segments will not be making movies, the last round only saw 54 entries. SURFING want to give our tribute to some of our favorite, underappreciated entries that you can no longer look at Innersection. Surfer is only supporting actor now, but next year, there are people who can have a major role."Surf comedy" is a popular genre painful. Most of us prefer to surf fin is less than watching a pro surfer trying to convey dialog.Terutama on Innersection, where you may also just have a plumber come and get down to business. Cracking jokes is not ripping.

Until now.Santa Cruz surfer Austin Smith-Ford and director Andy Hofman really managed to pull off some entertaining humor without making us want to shake our fists in this section take a tour of the city cool surf classic "In the Hand of God.". It offers an eclectic range of recordings and angle. And serves as evidence that children with three-car dealerships to name surf is really very handsome.Who's laughing now? Austin made Innersection's elite Top 10 list, but will let slide in the Wild Card round. "People have seen the part now," Austin said, "so we've lost our element of surprise. We're just happy to get such a good response. In recent years, perhaps someone will dig it again and get the trigger."A few years? We trigger now.

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