Surfing is a surface water sport.Two major subdivisions within a stand-up surfing is longboarding and shortboarding, reflect differences in surfboard design, including long-board surfing, and riding style.In tow-in surfing (most often, but not exclusively, associated with big wave surfing), a motorized water vehicle, such as private boat TOWS the surfer into the wave front, helping big wave surfer game speed is higher, the speed that is generally, but not limited to the speed of a surfer-motion itself can not match.Surfing-related sports such as paddleboarding and sea kayaking do not require waves, and other derivative sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing rely primarily on wind for power, but all of these platforms can also be used to ride the wave.Recently, by using the V-drive boat, wake surfing, rose after the boat has emerged.

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