Jeren Kiring and Putu Permana victorious at Rip Curl Grom Search Medewi

September 26th, 2010. Medewi Beach, Bali – Bali's latest surfing prodigy, Jeren Kiring, scored a narrow victory at the Rip Curl Grom Search Medewi on Sunday. Kiring (14, Canggu) captured a much-needed wave late in the final and muscled out enough maneuvers to win the under-16 division by a fraction of a point ahead of Angga Mardiana (15, Nusa Lembongan). Rounding out the final was Koko Mitsuantara (13, Nusa Dua) in third and Moi (15, Canggu) in fourth.
Before running up against Mardiana, Kiring looked unstoppable. The goofyfoot spent the day ripping apart the long 2-to-3 foot lefts on tap at Medewi's picturesque cobblestone point and winning every heat on his way to the final.

Australia Fields Formidable Team for Billabong ISA World SURFing Games in Peru

After a Third Place Showing at Last Year’s Event in Costa Rica, the Australians Bring Some Heavy Talent to the 2010 Championship Australia will be well represented at the 2010 Billabong ISA World Surfing Games when it opens October 18th in Lima, Peru.

With the final team now selected, it seems Australia is positioned to become a serious contender for gold medals against a quality field of international surfing teams.

SURFing’s Lost Sections Dept: Austin Smith-Ford

Taylor Steele Innersection reality is that most segments will not be making movies, the last round only saw 54 entries. SURFING want to give our tribute to some of our favorite, underappreciated entries that you can no longer look at Innersection. Surfer is only supporting actor now, but next year, there are people who can have a major role."Surf comedy" is a popular genre painful. Most of us prefer to surf fin is less than watching a pro surfer trying to convey dialog.Terutama on Innersection, where you may also just have a plumber come and get down to business. Cracking jokes is not ripping.

fall guys

Put that camera ... there's more room on Innersection. The spots end it was decided last week, and Taylor Steele in New York screening of such momentum in 1999. Here's our quick introduction to the finalists final, finally: 1. Gabriel VILLARAN: Gabe both the national champion Peruvian and South American national treasure. He's one of the best people you could hope to meet in the desert of Peru, super-hard charger in place you should try charging, and tubesmith back parallel to the surfer on tour. Check out the wave in parts of Peru Steele Palace in the Sky for some jaw-dropping evidence ... then look out for its DVD shipments caused the whole of South America watch part two times.

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GromSearch #3 Coming to Medewi on September 26th!

15 September 2010
After searching Lakey Peak in Sumbawa and Cimaja in West Java for the best groms in Indonesian men and women, the third and final regional event of the 2010
RIP CURL GROMSEARCH series will take place on 26 September in layered rocks left point break Medewi Bali's northwest.

Flynn Novak and his ‘Flynnstone Flip’ wins the 2010 Kustom Airstrike

GOLD COAST, 165 September 2010: When it all comes down, the goal is pure and simple - Custom air raid was about finding something new; produce very inspired and revolutionary surf broken all the rules, forever changing the face of surfing as we know itu.Acara attack Air this year has really driven surf to creative extremes, and divide the judge in the middle. "It's not a unanimous decision this year, that's for sure." Said Harry Truscott, Custom General Manager, and a judge this year. "Two major competitors when it comes down to it is Chris Custom's 'CHIPPA' Wilson and Hawaii Flynn Novak, both ride away from remarkable, and examples of very differently about how to take surfing to the next.
"Chippa do big spin back legit, legit! No sliding back, not shuv to switch landing awkwardly. In a straight up single trick done easily and with style. If something is done on a surfboard can be referred directly to the skateboard then that is wrong satu.Di the other hand you've got Hawaii Flynn Novak, who until this year's event have been working hard with the direction of what he has broken away at for 8 eight years - a full Backflip, or Flip Flynnstone as he had known. No half steppin 'in there. "The opposing Flynnstone flip where many think surfing can go," said the Custom's USA Brand Director, Pat Fraley. "These things happen which is said to resemble, but Flynn will be immediately reversed, full rotation, just as he was bound on a snowboard. C, crazy! "So with all that said, it's pleasure to announce that Custom Flynn Novak is the winner of an air raid Custom 2010! In addition to being crowned champion this year, Flynn also walked away with a gift of USD $ 50,000, the richest prize in surfing to move tunggal.Pemenang last year , Dusty Payne, who registered to let Flynn out the big news. Flynn shouted for joy deafening telinga.Flynn win the flip, and all other outstanding entries, can be viewed at website event,

Opening Ceremony and Good Waves on Day One of Rote Open 2010 Presented by Billabong

14 September 2010, Rote Island, East Indonesia: Rote Open 2010, presented by Billabong was kicked off at the Beach Boa views on the beautiful island of Rote in East Indonesia today with an opening ceremony complete with local traditional dances and speeches excited by Regent Rote, and Rote then local surfers took to the waves 2-4 feet consistent reef break to compete in the Division of Local.Regent Rote Haning Honorable Leonard opened the event with a reception and delivery of a symbolic transfer of a surfboard to a surfer girl, Nina Jago from Australia. Regent Haning express his feelings about the incident, stating "I am proud to welcome you here to this beautiful island, and for the second time we hold Open Rote here at Boa Beach. I hope you have a great time and enjoy the competition and the beauty of the island This and all these people have to offer. We thank you for coming here and hope to see you back here every year. And please invite your friends and family to come too! "

international SURFing day

International Surfing Day, held every year on or near the date of the summer solstice - usually 20 Jun (June 21 in leap years) - is, environment-conscious unofficial sports-centered holiday that celebrates the sport surfing and surf lifestyle and sustainability marine resources. This holiday has been criticized for being too corporate. Contests and prizes are also part of the celebration with prizes donated surf related industries such as surfboards and wetsuits. Another purpose of this celebration is to promote the popularity of surfing and attract new participants.

SURFboard variation

Polyurethane (P.U) boards

Surfboards are usually constructed using polyurethane foam. They are made stronger with one or more small pieces of wood, called a stringer, going down the middle of the board. The foam is molded into a "blank", in the rough shape of a surfboard.[3] Once the blanks have been made they are given to shapers. Shapers then cut, plane, and sand the board to its specifications. Finally, the board is covered in one or more layers of fiberglass cloth and resin. It is during this stage that the fins, or boxes for removable fins, are put on and the leash plug is installed. Another method of making boards is using epoxy resin and polystyrene foam, instead of polyester resin and polyurethane foam. In recent years, surfboards made out of balsa and a polystyrene core are becoming more popular. Even solid balsa surfboards are available.
Although foam boards are usually shaped by hand, the use of machines to shape them has become more popular over the years. Modern technology has made its way into surfboard production as well. Vacuum forming and modern sandwich construction techniques borrowed from other industries have become more common in the industry. Many surfers have switched to riding sandwich-construction, epoxy boards. These boards have become especially popular with beginner surfers as they provide a cheaper entry level surfboard.[4]

Balsa boards

Balsa MiniMal.
The history of using balsa as a material for surfboard making goes back to the Hawaiians but really hits off in the late 1930s. Being light and strong, balsa wood was long considered a perfect material for surfboards. However, shapers could not use this fragile wood to make entire surfboards until after WW2 when fiberglass was invented.
The advantages of balsa wood boards is that they are a lot lighter, more buoyant and therefore easier to handle. These boards did have some disadvantages, however, because they were not as sturdy as the solid redwood. They are currently favoured by surfers and collectors because they are more durable than a regular surfboard, environmentally friendly and have a beautiful look.

competition SURFing

Ahhh, yes, much loved surf comp. What prize is $ 50,000 on a pipe or trophies at the presentation to your local club, we all love to get good results. Here's how to do best in a competitive situation.Set up the standard of competition officials assess tent, / judges, hot / scoreboard where officials will install times, competitors and score, surfers, supporters, the area contest, and three colored flag.There are three flags used during the competition and any change will be the flag signal to the surfer with a whistle, horn or hooter.

2010 & 2011 SURFing competitions & events

Rules about SURFing

Like every sport, there are rules for surfing. They help protect you and others, and makes surfing more enjoyable. Here are some important rules about surfing.1. Avoid getting in the way of another.2. People ride the wave right of way.3. Ever surf beyond your capabilities.4. Keeping yourself and your equipment in top condition.5. Keep an eye out for swimmers.6. Do not force the breaking wave surfer.7. Never surf alone. sea was huge and very dangerous.

The history of SURFing

Surfing has become a way of life for thousands of years among the Pacific Islands. In ancient times, surfing skills you gain real political power. In the early 1900s, the surf began to be recognized by international sports organizations as a legitimate sport. Surfing mainstream popularity in the United States peaked in the early 1960's, with music, movies, and television programs dedicated to the surfing lifestyle.Surfing is still a popular sport at any beach where there are many waves, and surfers are now pushing the boundaries, which is drawn into a big wave.


Surfing is a surface water sport.Two major subdivisions within a stand-up surfing is longboarding and shortboarding, reflect differences in surfboard design, including long-board surfing, and riding style.In tow-in surfing (most often, but not exclusively, associated with big wave surfing), a motorized water vehicle, such as private boat TOWS the surfer into the wave front, helping big wave surfer game speed is higher, the speed that is generally, but not limited to the speed of a surfer-motion itself can not match.Surfing-related sports such as paddleboarding and sea kayaking do not require waves, and other derivative sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing rely primarily on wind for power, but all of these platforms can also be used to ride the wave.Recently, by using the V-drive boat, wake surfing, rose after the boat has emerged.

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