international SURFing day

International Surfing Day, held every year on or near the date of the summer solstice - usually 20 Jun (June 21 in leap years) - is, environment-conscious unofficial sports-centered holiday that celebrates the sport surfing and surf lifestyle and sustainability marine resources. This holiday has been criticized for being too corporate. Contests and prizes are also part of the celebration with prizes donated surf related industries such as surfboards and wetsuits. Another purpose of this celebration is to promote the popularity of surfing and attract new participants.

HistoryA closeup bush ovalleaves Naupaka of dark green and the flowers putih.Hari International Surfing founded in 2004 [by Surfing Magazine and Surfrider Foundation. International Surfing Day closely follows the spirit and intent of the World Surf Day set by alt.surfing Usenet newsgroups in 1993. International Surfing Day is a celebration of surf sports worldwide. Day observed with surf contests, barbecues, film screenings and other activities related surfing. Surfers also use the day to give back to the neighborhood by organizing a beach clean-ups, sand dunes and other habitat restoration and other activities such as lobbying to maintain the recreation areas in California where surfing occurs, or planting Naupaka in Hawaii. Direct actions used by a form of protest in Britain today to express opposition to the waste water in the waters of the Gold Coast, a critical issue for many surfers who are infected by bacteria from an open wound of sports-related injuries.
Level celebrationsInternational Surf Day event has been held in all the populated continents including South America where it is celebrated in Argentina, Brazil, and Peru. Also in the southern hemisphere holidays observed in countries Oceania Australia and New Zealand. The day was also observed in many American states of Hawaii, also in North America Oseania.Di day surfing is the most widely observed and celebrations can be found in Canada, Costa Rica, French Antilles, El Salvador, Mexico, and in most coastal countries United States, Connecticut, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Maine, Texas, New Jersey, California, Oregon, South Carolina, Florida, and North America Georgia.Setelah obedience has the most popularity in Europe: including in most of the coast and the European Union is organized by fans of surfing in France, Italy, United Kingdom [including the UK and Cornwall], Portugal, Spain, and Belgium. Further celebrations are held in Norway, in addition to many countries outside the European Union's negeri.Di Africa, two regions of France: Réunion and Mayotte continue the annual celebration along with Morocco, Ghana, [citation needed] The area of the island the Spanish Canary Islands and South Africa . Day has also taken hold in some Asian countries such as Israel, Japan, and Korea. [Citation needed]

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