North Shore Underground: Evan Valiere Had This Coming

posted by scornuelle / News / November 21, 2010

Evan Valiere — Happy with a capital H. Photo: Ryan Foley

North Shore Underground

Plucked from Outer Island tour guide work to join Hurley’s surf team, Evan Valiere has — just this week — found the underground surfer’s equivalent of a Wonka golden ticket. The deal is fresh, and yet so long overdue. SURFING asked Evan for the details of his new sponsorship.

Huntington Beach Remembers Andy Irons

Photos by Dave Molleck
Huntington Beach knew Andy Irons. He thrilled many a mainland fan there. He exchanged barks with the Ginger Ninja on Huntington’s sand. He has a star on its hallowed sidewalk. HB is where Andy once announced, in a victory speech to a thronging beach of mostly naked surf groupies all in heat, that he was very single and presumably ready to mingle. Andy dripped charisma, didn’t he? Yes, Huntington knew Andy. That’s why, half an ocean away from the 10,000-strong Hanalei Bay memorial for him on Sunday, Huntington hosted a gathering of its own to say mahalo and aloha.

Nice to Meet You, Mr. Photographer

Nate doesn’t spend nine months a year in Indonesia just to shoot other people surfing.

Motto: “Quality not quantity.”

Name: Nathan Lawrence
Age: 28
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Years shooting: 11

Kauai Remembers Andy Irons

Photos by Jeff Flindt
The Pine Trees lot was home to a celebration of life for Andy Irons, but not the one we saw on TV. Not the one that made front pages around Hawaii and drew 10,000 well-wishers — what Andy’s dad, Phil, said was 10 times what they’d expected. The remembrances, the support, the talking story had all begun days ahead of time as local and international friends descended upon Kauai’s northern shore in anticipation of Sunday’s ceremony. Beds, couches and floors held no vacancies as Oahu’s North Shore practically relocated to Hanalei overnight. SURFING’s Jeff Flindt flew over to capture some of the love and emotion for Hawaii’s fallen son.

BACOS: A Wave-Catching Equation

Catch or catch not? Sometimes there is no question. Photo: Jeff Flindt
Catch or catch not? Sometimes there is no question. Photo: Jeff Flindt


The Business and Culture of Surfing (BACOS) is a collection of thoughts, ideas and trends from Stuart Cornuelle.

Gold Coast SURFing community paddles out for Andy Irons

The Gold Coast surfing community gathered at Snapper Rocks yesterday morning for a memorial paddle-out in honour of one of the greatest athletes the sport has known, Andy Irons.


And Kuta Wept

Another Andy Irons Memorial in Bali
By Nathan Myers
Photos by Seewah Chou

It was the largest paddle I’ve ever seen…so far. But I suspect it won’t be for long. We’ll be heading to the North Shore soon, and the ghost of Andy Irons is coming with us.
More than 500 people assembled on Kuta Beach, Bali yesterday to pay their respects to the tragic passing of our three time champion. All the Bali pros: Rizal, Tipi, Garut, Mega, Marlon, Lee… All the usual ex-pats: Snake, Mikala, Machado… Local industry. Visiting bros. Random Germans. Hans Hedemann and Evan Slater. It felt like family.
We tossed flowers. Splashed the water. Observed a silence.
It was a paddle-out. It was emotional.

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