Rip Curl Pro Search Puerto Rico: Day 1

Kelly Slater wins his round 1 heat
Can Kelly Slater win a 10th world title on a wave tailor made for surfers half his age?

Words by Jamie Tierney
Photos by Sherm

That’s the question at the 2010 Rip Curl Search in Puerto Rico. Middles, a gnarly little reef, on PR’s north shore is a Modern Collective wave – chunky, rampy and delightfully onshore. It looks similar to the right in Reunion Island where Jordy, in the world of Lewis Samuels “redefined modern performance surfing.” Kelly, after seeing the movie said he wanted to go there for a month to learn how to do airs like that. He hasn’t made it there yet, but judging from the massive full rotation alley oop he pulled in the semis at the last event in Portugal, the old dog’s got no problems learning some new tricks.

Peru Wins ISA World SURF Games

Team Peru celebrates fairytale victory
Peru poured Pisco Sours Wednesday night to toast their victory at the ISA World Surf Games. The underdog host country edged out Australia for the gold, with South Africa and Brazil finishing third and fourth, respectively. Team USA finished sixth behind Tahiti.
Over 200 surfers representing 31 nations spent the week competing in four-to-six foot surf at Punta Hermosa, just outside Lima, Peru. National flags were flown and surfers conversed in 9 different languages as they surfed in the frigid water and mingled on land. They competed for their countries and also for themselves.
Claiming the men’s shortboard gold was Tahiti’s ultra-stylish Hira Teriinatoofa, who squeaked out a narrow win over Peruvian hometown hero Gabriel Villaran.

NSSA Standout of the Week: Derek Peters

Derek Peters. PHOTO: Sardelis
Derek Peters. PHOTO: Sardelis
Where SURFING recognizes surfers before they’re recognizable
NAME: Derek Peters
AGE: 17
HOME: Huntington Beach, California
SCHOOL: Coast High School
SPONSORS: Quiksilver, DVS, Jacks, T. Patterson Surfboards, OAM, and D.S.C

Tiago Pires SURFs because...

Yesterday was why Donavon surfs, today we of Europe's greatest ever surfers Tiago Pires has spent his life dedicated to the sport of surfing. Pioneering as Portugal's first ever professional surfer Tiago is a household name recognised alongside the likes of soccer great Cristiano Ronaldo in his country. Tiago loves surfing and this short film uncovers what drove him to pursue the sport of surfing and pioneer professional surfing in Europe.

Byrning Desire

Micah Byrne
It may be his first time in the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games Presented by Amarok of Volkswagen, but this is no rookie.
For as good as he surfs, you don’t hear a lot about Micah Byrne. Of course, he’s not one to toot his own horn, but the Huntington Beach hero’s been battling through heats for ages, and is owed respect for all the competitive success he’s earned over the years. Coming of age on the NSSA scene when guys like Bobby Martinez and Fred Patacchia were setting records, he’s always been right there in the mix. And then when Surf City cohorts like Timmy and Ryan Turner turned their nose at the contest circuit in pursuit of more exotic triumphs in Indonesia, Micah was quick to join them on their leaky fishing boats and go feral. During the real estate boom a couple years HB legend Jay Larson convinced him to pursue his real estate license—then the bottom promptly fell out of the market. Today Micah’s a father of two, works in the trenches of the surf industry, and still tears the bag out of it when the pier or Magnolia Street turns on.

Aaron Cormican Wins Seven Tiki Pro

Asher Nolan
By Zander Morton
Photos by Logan Bowles/VOID

At 8 AM Saturday October 16th, the 4th of a 6 day waiting period for the Seven Tiki Pro in Neptune Beach, FL, things were not looking good. The waves were flat. As in completely, 100 percent not surfable. Not even a SUP could get moving. Worst of all, the forecast for the remaining two days in the waiting period was for more of the same dismal flatness.
Seven Tiki Rum drinking contest, anyone?
At 11 AM a brisk NE wind began blowing, and on a whim and a prayer contest director Jay Dodson made the call. 1 PM start, double beaches, entire contest finished by dark. Miraculously, the waves followed suit. By the time the contest kicked off the surf had rapidly built into the fun waist high range. The rum bottles would have to wait a few hours.

Giants Among Men

Words by Taylor Paul
Photos by Nate Lawrence

Fall is combo swells and chilly water. Fall is shorter days and pumpkin pie. It’s turning leaves and turning trick-or-treaters away because you forgot to buy candy. And it’s the Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz. But baseball fans don’t really care about that right now, because for the first time since 2002 in Northern California, fall is postseason baseball.
With the surf contest on hold and the Giants playing the Phillies only an hour and a half away in San Francisco, Nike 6.0 team manager (and lifelong Giants fan) Frankie D’Andrea decided his team needed a field trip. With SURFING photographer Nate Lawrence along for the ride, the boys (and girl) went to “The City” for surprisingly good surf, then to AT&T Park for a historic game. Here are the surfers’ thoughts on baseball…and surfing.

Under the Covers with Jimmicane: December Issue

On a Wednesday, Jimmicane was at his desk in the SURFING office, pretending to work but really reading Jacksonville Jaguars blogs or something. Then he got an email: Mentawais? By Thursday he was gone. He came back with the December Issue cover shot, of Brazilian grom Caio Ibelli (final photo at bottom of the sequence below).

Pete Tomlinson in his homeland

They do the hard yards down in South Aus to score.  Hundreds of km's of travelling in cars, long boat or ski rides.  A steep climb down a cliff that would make a mountain goat second guess, a long paddle across a dark deep channel and through the close out section or a bumpy hour long marathon on a jet ski. It's all a part of the parcel though and a small price to pay for perfect uncrowded waves that lie at the end of the desert rainbow. Here's some recent shots of our South Oz team rider Pete Tomlinson, courtesy of Shane Smith.


Letter of the Week, Presented by Fyasko

LOTW runs for seven days, with the week’s most brilliant submissions picked and posted every Monday on There are two ways to write in: send an email to, or use the Write a Letter tab on our Facebook page.

Remembering Dane

Photos by Michael Lallande
This past Saturday SURFING Magazine was on hand at the Dane Williams’ Memorial Surf contest in Huntington Beach. Dane’s life was tragically cut short a few years ago during a tradeshow in San Diego. He was a close friend and an amazing human who is missed by us all. Over the weekend Dane’s friends and family came out to remember him. The turn out was fantastic, money was raised for San Diego Crime Stoppers and the waves were cooking all day.


18 October 2010, Kuta-Bali:  Agus Frimanto of Nusa Lembongan claimed victory over fellow Lembongan surfer Putra Hermawan yesterday in the final minutes of the Bali International Surfing Tournament, held yesterday at Canggu Beach on the West Coast of Bali.  Third place went to Raditya Rondi of Kuta (Bali), and fourth place to Made Awan of Serangan (Bali).

Frimanto takes home a cash prize of Rp 10 million (approx $1,120 USD) for his win, runner up Hermawan banks Rp 7 million (($780 USD), Rondi Rp 4 million ($450 USD), and Awan Rp 2 million ($225 USD) for their day of surfing.

The SURFing Blog: When Trips Go Bad

SURFING’s Associate Photo Editor, Jimmicane Wilson, had been back from the Mentawais for about five minutes when an email came in inviting him on a Reef trip to the Philippines. Sounded promising: Alana Blanchard, Paul Fisher, Cloud 9…soon Jimmicane’s desk was empty yet again. But it seems the swell didn’t cooperate. This email came back to the office a week into the trip, and our jealousy has since abated.

The Philippines, beautifully flat. Photo: Jimmicane
The Philippines, beautifully flat. Photo: Jimmicane

Sherm’s Europa Vol. 2

Steve Sherman continues to flood our inbox with images that tell a story — of Europe, of surfers, of an ASP world title race that (with Kelly Slater’s win in Portugal) seems to be gathering momentum towards a very “10″ conclusion.

Garut Widiarta wins Oakley Indosections

story by Nathan Myers
portrait by Nate Lawrence
event photos by Seewah
Show’s over. Everyone’s dancing. Laughing. Celebrating the night. I cruise to the outside bar at Tipi Jabrik’s RAW store with Balinese surfer Garut Widiarta and hand him an envelope containing TEN MILLION rupiah. A huge wad of cash.
Garut gives me a hug. Then he takes out the cash and peels off a few million rups for his editor, Norwegian grom Nikko Solkkeil (who recently helped Flynn Novak qualify in the Wild Card round). Next Garut hands the bartender a wad and orders up rounds of shots for everyone nearby.
It’s pouring rain. We smash the oversized check and knock back our tequila soaking wet. Garut orders more. Damn, these Indonesian have learned a lot from visiting surfers. A generation ago, most Balinese couldn’t even swim. Garut is a first generation Indo surfer. Learned on a broken board at Uluwatu. Grew up in the Balinese invasion years, and now here he stands, buying rounds for the media.
Clever man.

Kelly Slater Wins in Portugal

Kelly Slater Wins Rip Curl Pro Portugal
Photos by Sherm
This is really happening now. Jordy Smith, after coming second in the final at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal today, now must make the quarters in Puerto Rico for the world title race to continue. Otherwise, it’s 10 in ‘10 for the man who forgot to slow down for age. Today, that man notched another win, for his 44th career World Tour victory. Steve Sherman is tailing Kelly to document this year’s campaign and submitted these shots from a rather historic European day at the beach.

A Conversation with Eric Geiselman: The Almost-There

Eric Geiselman
Photos by O’Neill / Sergio Villalba
Words by Malcolm Johnson

It’s a chilly afternoon in Tofino. The light has that look that it tends to have in the autumn here—bright, soluble, a saturated green tinged with a saturated gold. Shoulder-high surf is crumbling onto the sand, and showers are streaming from the sky out at Echachis, the tree-covered islet where the Tla-o-qui-aht whaling site was back before the smallpox days.

Sherm’s Europa

Sherm takes you behind the scenes on his Euro trip through France and Portugal.

Vote for Rip Curl Indo Team rider Garut Widiarta on!!

Garut Widiarta has been working on his Innersection part for months with core division team in the archipelago of Indo and it's finally online for all to see.

Go to  to watch his video.


Despite a torrential downpour and onshore winds at the start of play, Keramas, Bali turned it on for the world’s best junior surfers with an absolute tube fest.

Rip Curl’s Tyler Wright signalled her intentions for the ASP Women’s World Junior title, defeating Alizee Arnaud – 13.40 to 12.67, in a tight final.

The Rip Curl "Live The Search" iPhone game has been released on itunes


"Live The Search" is the first high-end 3D surfing game to hit the iPhone and combines high-action arcade game-play with a realistic surfing experience.

Travel the world searching out secret waves and surfing as ASP World Champions Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore or put yourself in the game by creating a unique surfer. Progress your way through the game by completing goals, unlocking trips and taking on other objectives.

It’s all about travel, adventure and living the Search!

Billabong SURF Trip for iphone, iPod touch & ipad is now available!

Billabong, Chillingo and Biodroid brings " Billabong Surf Trip" to the app store.

Ride the waves at famous beaches around the world with ‘Billabong Surf Trip.” Learn how to rip, shred and get barreled in a variety of waves with tips from Billabong’s top professional surfers, Andy Irons, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson and Tiago Pires. The adrenaline rush of surfing is right at your fingertips.

Billabong Surf Trip is available NOW as a Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the Apple App Store. (Price: $3.99)

"Billabong Surf Trip" embodies the surfing lifestyle and appeals to not only seasoned surfers but those new to the sport with its interactive and compelling gameplay.

SURF Australia

Australia’s surf beaches, where first-class waves for all surfing abilities crash, are born from the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Indian Ocean in the west and the Southern Ocean in the south .  Visit iconic Bells Beach, near Torquay, the gateway to Victoria’s Surf Coast on the Great Ocean Road. In New South Wales, Byron Bay, Newcastle, Sydney and its south coast offer a superior swell. Hang out in Burleigh Heads or coast along one of the world’s longest waves at Snapper Rocks on Queensland’s Gold Coast.  In South Australia, great surf beaches dot the Fleurieu, Yorke and Eyre peninsulas as well as the Limestone Coast. In Western Australia, Perth, Margaret River and Esperance are home to an abundance of surf beaches. Brave Tasmania’s Southern Ocean swells in Hobart, Bruny Island, Launceston, Devonport and Marrawah. You’ll find a wave to yourself on our uncrowded and pristine coastal beaches.
Bells Beach, VIC
Bells Beach, VIC
From Melbourne, head south west to hit reliable breaks on the Bellarine Peninsula before Torquay, gateway to Victoria’s Surf Coast on the Great Ocean Road. Visit legendary Bells Beach, home to the annual Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival Bird Rock. You’ll find gentler waves at popular Jan Juc, Point Impossible and Point Danger. Boogie board or learn to surf at Anglesea and nearby Fairhaven. Choose from right-handers and beach breaks in Lorne. The surf is almost always up in Apollo Bay and on the Shipwreck Coast, past Cape Otway. You’ll find great surf beaches at Warrnambool, Port Fairy, and Portland. South east of Melbourne head to the back beaches of the Mornington Peninsula or further east to Phillip Island.

Sherm Photo Gallery: Carissa Moore Wins Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Carissa Moore comboed Steph Gilmore in the final for her second win this year. Sherm was there, cam in hand.

The Finals: Oakley Pro Junior Bali

2010 Quiksilver Pro France: Mick Fanning Victorious

Mick Fanning victorious
By Jamie Tierney
“He’s a 9-time world champion. He probably should get a tenth.” Jordy Smith
“It’s a start. I’m going to Portugal now and have a lot of fun.” Mick Fanning
The difference between those two quotes is emblematic of what happened in France today. Mick Fanning started his campaign to defend his world title while Jordy Smith may have surrendered in his first shot at one.

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