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Micah Byrne
It may be his first time in the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games Presented by Amarok of Volkswagen, but this is no rookie.
For as good as he surfs, you don’t hear a lot about Micah Byrne. Of course, he’s not one to toot his own horn, but the Huntington Beach hero’s been battling through heats for ages, and is owed respect for all the competitive success he’s earned over the years. Coming of age on the NSSA scene when guys like Bobby Martinez and Fred Patacchia were setting records, he’s always been right there in the mix. And then when Surf City cohorts like Timmy and Ryan Turner turned their nose at the contest circuit in pursuit of more exotic triumphs in Indonesia, Micah was quick to join them on their leaky fishing boats and go feral. During the real estate boom a couple years HB legend Jay Larson convinced him to pursue his real estate license—then the bottom promptly fell out of the market. Today Micah’s a father of two, works in the trenches of the surf industry, and still tears the bag out of it when the pier or Magnolia Street turns on.

He is here at the WSG because he is reliable,” said Ian Cairns after watching him rip huge bombing Caballaros and advance into the qualifying round.
Micah didn’t hesitate when he was asked to be part of Team USA.
“I’ve been enjoying myself so far,” said Micah after advancing in every heat he has surfed in. “You know, the conditions are tough, but to be here representing the United States, it means a lot.”
Judging by how confidently he slid through the adverse conditions of the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games, he could soon be adding “ISA World Champ” to his resume.

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