The SURFing Blog: When Trips Go Bad

SURFING’s Associate Photo Editor, Jimmicane Wilson, had been back from the Mentawais for about five minutes when an email came in inviting him on a Reef trip to the Philippines. Sounded promising: Alana Blanchard, Paul Fisher, Cloud 9…soon Jimmicane’s desk was empty yet again. But it seems the swell didn’t cooperate. This email came back to the office a week into the trip, and our jealousy has since abated.

The Philippines, beautifully flat. Photo: Jimmicane
The Philippines, beautifully flat. Photo: Jimmicane

From: Jimmicane
Subject: H.O.E.

We are getting royally skunked. Worse skunk trip I’ve ever been on and I don’t think it’s going to get any better. Waves are not shootable at all. We missed our domestic flight by 10 minutes once we got here and had to take a different flight, a 12-hour ferry, then a three-hour ferry and a 45-minute cab ride. Fucking crazy.
Check out this boat we were on [below]. I thought we were bout to get murked. We took over the corner spot and dudes were vibe-ing us out.
There is one positive on this trip and that would be Alana. Haven’t gotten any good photos of her yet but I will take her off and try to shoot something once we get some good lighting.

Twelve-hour ferry ride: close quarters for surfboarders. Photo: Jimmicane
Close quarters for surfboarders. Photo: Jimmicane

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