North Shore Underground: Evan Valiere Had This Coming

posted by scornuelle / News / November 21, 2010

Evan Valiere — Happy with a capital H. Photo: Ryan Foley

North Shore Underground

Plucked from Outer Island tour guide work to join Hurley’s surf team, Evan Valiere has — just this week — found the underground surfer’s equivalent of a Wonka golden ticket. The deal is fresh, and yet so long overdue. SURFING asked Evan for the details of his new sponsorship.

SURFING Magazine: Are you yet able to comment on the H logos all over your body?
Evan Valiere: Of course, of course. I just got really fortunate. I’ve been talking to them for quite a while now. It’s a great opportunity, no pressure — just have to surf, go out there and get some barrels and have fun. And get to wear some really comfortable boardshorts. Are they the original stretch, or what?
That’s the title of this interview: “Original Stretch.” Who’ve you been working with at Hurley to make this happen?
“You know, companies have their budgets and it’s a lot more calculated than people think to get a sponsor.” —Evan Valiere
I’ve known Pat O’Connell for a long time, and Aamion Goodwin. Then Joel Centeio is a good friend, I’ve known him since we were little kids in the HASA. And it finally came together. You know, companies have their budgets and it’s a lot more calculated than people think to get a sponsor. A lot of things have to fall into place.
Why now? Any specific reason?
Not particularly. All I was doing the last couple of years was putting myself out there, and people had to make their own decisions on what they wanted to do. You can’t force anybody to do anything or force anybody to believe or see what you see. That’s the thing about surfing: there’s a lot of luck involved, and you have to know certain people, and you have to dig each other’s vibe and projects, then come together to make an agreement.
What are your responsibilities? What’s your job description? Like, if Ace [Buchan's] is to make the Top 10, and Rob Machado’s is to play music and grow his hair, what role do you play?
My job is just to pull in at Pipe and get some photos, surf Rockies, be here on the North Shore and surf as well as I can. I have support from them to do what I believe in, which is just to be here and surf these waves.
I’ll be doing the Hawaii events, and maybe some other select events, but the focus of all that will just be [getting seeded for] the Triple Crown. Then I also have the opportunity to do some traveling, some big-wave stuff too. I’d definitely like to go over to Maverick’s and get my feet wet.
Are there any other projects you have in mind, things you want to pursue now that you have Hurley on the nose?
Mmm…I want to maybe talk to you a little bit more about that one.
Off the record?
Yup. [Laughs]
Fantastic. Last question: does this mean you’re no longer a Rent-A-Local?
I’ll still be running that over there with my buddy. You never know how long surfing’s going to last, and I have a business over there that’s gonna last forever.


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